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At The Lily Yard, our aim is to create a well-balanced flavour using different tea origins and characteristics. A blend is a great way to enhance the taste of tea you don’t necessarily enjoy, but would like to drink because of its health benefits.

Our specialty tea blends are made from premium loose leaf tea from high mountain tea farms located at 1200 to 2800 meters above sea level in Taiwan. They are endowed with abundant natural climate and growing conditions to ensure consistent natural farming management. 

The tea leaves are harvested in spring and winter using a hand pick method to ensure high nutrition absorption and full growth of the leaves. They are also certified with strict international agricultural standards for non-chemical residues.


Tea Fields
Tea Infusion


Herbal Tea


" So amazing seeing this idea turned into reality. Had to pre-order their 4 curated selections when it came out - personal favourite is Lychee Goji Berry! Well done! "

Tea Container

Tan Siew Mui

" Every night before bed, I'll drink a cup of Chamomile Lavender Mint. It helps me to sleep better and clear my sinuses! "

Tea Layout


" Alisan Osmanthus is my favourite! It is now my go-to drink for the morning! "

Porcelain Cups


" I'm starting to prefer tea now! "


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