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About Us

At The Lily Yard, our goal is to craft a harmonious flavor profile by blending teas from diverse origins, leveraging their unique characteristics to elevate the aroma, taste, and health benefits of our teas.

Tea Fields

The Origin Of Our Tea Blends

Our exclusive tea blends feature premium loose leaf tea sourced from high mountain tea farms in Taiwan, situated at elevations ranging from 1200 to 2800 meters above sea level. These farms benefit from abundant natural climates, fostering optimal growing conditions and ensuring consistent natural farming management.


Harvested during spring and winter using a meticulous hand-picking method, our tea leaves maximize nutrient absorption and achieve full growth. Moreover, they adhere to stringent international agricultural standards, guaranteeing minimal chemical residues.

Crafting Our Tea Blends

Our collaboration with tea masters involves meticulous selection of appropriate tea bases and ingredients for each blend, ensuring a harmonious balance of aroma and flavors at the perfect ratio.

Our teas are crafted with a minimalistic approach, incorporating only two to three ingredients per blend. 

Importing these carefully curated tea blends in small batches ensures freshness with every sip.

Yellow Tea
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